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Some users are complaining, claiming that the new iPad is overheating

This is not a common screen to see, but it seems to be appearing with a certain frequency in new iPads:

Hot new iPad

TemperatureThe iPad needs to cool down before you can use it.

Apparently, the reported cases involved the same situation: using the iPad outdoors, with temperatures, say, hot for user Phillip Bowden (iOS engineer at Tumblr), the device hung up and the message appeared four times! In spite of this, he relieved Ma's side, saying that this is a revision A of the gadget (first version with such electronic components), and that it is very hot in Texas, where he is.

A topic at Apple Support Communities also draws attention, in which users complain about a possible overheating of the new iPad, the culprit of this would be the new A5X processor which, despite maintaining the same clock(1GHz) of the ?old? A5, has twice the graphics performance (graphics quad-core).

It is worth remembering that the ideal temperature for using the gadget is between 0 and 35. For the time being, the new iPad from MacMagazine has not yet presented this type of problem. However, Rafael is returning to Salvador, a city that is not at all hot, with very mild temperatures. We will do some tests in order to find out if this will also happen with ours and, of course, we will share everything with you!

(via TNW)