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Site says Intel's new quad-core Ivy Bridge processors will arrive in April

It seems that the will not end even in April. They had been postponed to the middle of the year, then they were estimated again for April. Now, according to the CPU World, Intel will launch both its Ivy Bridge desktop and mobile processors on 4/29.

The announcement will take place in the fourth week of April, between the 22nd and 28th, and will include only Core i5 and i7 processors quad-core. According to them, all the chips indicated in the table below will be available for purchase on 4/29:

Intel Ivy Bridge chips expected for April

Other versions of the new processors (Core i5 dual-core) will hit the market on 3 June. Check below the chips that will be part of this wave:

Intel's Ivy Bridge chips expected for June

Core i3 for desktops, based on the Ivy Bridge architecture, will only be released in the third quarter. Some rumors indicated that the mobile version of the chip would not be ported to the new architecture, but the indications are that it will be launched, also in Q3 2012.

Intel Ivy Bridge chips expected for Q3 2012

Good news for Mac fans, after all, with these processors on the market, Apple has everything to update its computer lines as quickly as possible!

(via Electronist)