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See a microscopic comparison between the screen of the iPad 2 and the new iPad

When the iPhone 4 was launched, the first Apple device equipped with a Retina display, they tried to place it under a microscope next to an iPhone 3G, in order to compare the displays. With the new iPad it could not be different:

As we can see, now in the space of a single pixel, we have four of them and it is worth noting that the microscope used is not one of the best; Lukas Mathis himself, author of the exploit, claims that it is a ?cheap digital version?. Still, it killed curiosity.

It is also worth reading a January 2011 article, in which Moore's Law was simulated on LCD screens. L, we already predicted that the iPad screen did not need to exceed 300ppi, twice the resolution of the old displays was already fine, as it actually happened. Anyone who wants can check out more comparisons made by Mathis: in his article, he shows the pixels of several gadgets, including BlackBerry PlayBook and Kindle Fire.