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Rumor: Apple is considering launching a 14 ″ MacBook Air for the Asian market

One thing is a product with a different language, a custom keyboard or even plug adapters focused on certain markets. Another a model of iProduct supposedly intended for only a certain region. We haven?t seen that happen even with the iPhone, so I honestly don?t think it?s going to happen with the MacBook Air but DigiTimes.

13-inch MacBook Air

According to them, for any reason any notebooks with 14 inches have the preference of Asian over others of 15 inches. While 14-inch models globally hold 20-25% of the market, in Asia that number rises to 35-40%.

Because of this, they say, Apple would be considering launching a new 14-inch MacBook Air. Mass manufacturing of the laptop would even begin in the near future, according to "sources on production lines".

If that really happens, it will only show how aggressive Apple is towards the Asian market, especially China. However, frankly, I am very skeptical not to mention that the current largest is 13.3 inches, somewhat close and with a sensational screen resolution. Anyway, we'll see