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Rumor: 15-inch MacBook Pro will not die; new model will be thinner than the current

Contrary to yesterday's rumor which said that a new 15-inch MacBook Air would arrive in April, "killing" the notebook of the same size as the professional line, an Asian Apple supply chain source told the How To Arena that Apple is planning a new 15-inch MacBook Pro, also for April.

The new professional notebook would be thinner than the current one, however, thicker than MacBooks Air, and would come equipped with Core i5 / i7 processors from Intel's "Ivy Bridge" series.

Mockup - Future line of MacBooks

After all, will the 15-inch MacBook Pro die or not? Place your bets! My opinion is that it will not be discontinued, for two simple reasons: storage and performance. SSDs are still expensive components, and the value of a MacBook Pro equipped with 500GB or more would be very high, practically impossible. In performance, even with the supposed improvement in graphics promised for ?Ivy Bridge? processors, I believe that there is still a market for bigger computers, with dedicated GPUs gamers, photographers, designers, videographers probably agree with me.

Regardless, we want new Macs!

(via AppleInsider)