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Research proves that iPad 2 is much more fragile than the original; what will the new iPad look like?

Based on a survey of more than 50,000 consumer iPads, SquareTrade, a company specializing in warranties, reached the following conclusion: iPads 2 break 3.5 times more than the original iPads (first generation).

iPad run over

While only 2.8% of original iPad owners reported failures related to accidental damage in the first 12 months, the number grows to 9.8% among iPad 2 owners.

Good that there are cases like the reader Marcos Suzano, in which the iPad not only fell as it was hit more than once and, even so, it continues to work. We will also see how resistant the new iPad is, but already warning: do not expect any kind of test with our device.

(via MacNews)