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Portuguese Mindflow presents game to learn more about Coronavirus

On the same day that the Directorate-General for Health confirms the 31 case of Coronavirus in the country, the Portuguese Mindflow announces a new game, this time about the learning of what the World Health Organization (WHO) has already defined as a threat of risk very high. The training company, which is betting on gamification techniques, now wants to inform about this virus, reduce alarmism and demystify the issues that have arisen.

But how did the startup based at the Pedro Nunes Institute, in Coimbra, develop the game on its official Mindflow Academy app? In a statement, the company explains that it gathered a set of information from DGS and WHO about what the coronavirus is, the care to be taken and some of its consequences.

Available in 16 languages, Mindflow Academy is integrated into the company's free app, available on the App Store and Play Store, requiring the registration code COVID19. The technological component was developed at the Laboratorio de Informatica e Sistemas of the Pedro Nunes Institute.

With clients such as Altice, Glintt or Multicare as clients, Mindflow was founded in 2012 and focuses on training and specialized development in learning with mobile applications, software development and gamification.

At a time when the cases of Coronavirus do not stop increasing, there are several solutions proposed by technological giants, from the social networks Pinterest and Facebook to a subsidiary of Google specializing in artificial intelligence. DeepMind wants to help stop the outbreak and claims that AlphaFold, its artificial intelligence system, could be a key tool in predicting virus protein structures through its algorithm.