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On the Zuck wave: Microsoft copies Snapchat and other apps with the new Skype design

As if it wasn't enough for Mark Zuckerberg and his troupe to copy any and all functions of Snapchat, now the Microsoft want to be part of this banter also.

This is because the Skype that our old solution for video and audio calls via the internet will undergo a major update, being completely redesigned.

Leaving light blue tones aside to embrace white and neon tones there Instagram, the new Skype is a combination of everything we've seen in today's messaging and / or video / audio applications. Think of Snapchat, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and more exactly that.

The home screen starts from the tab "Chat", where you see your most recent conversations (whether contacts or groups). The left flap, "Highlights", shows what we already know as Snaps or "Stories"; that is, Microsoft's version of short videos published by contacts for people who follow them to see.

Incidentally, the company itself admitted that it was inspired by the ghost app and used the same argument from Facebook, saying that ?stories? are already a ?model? used by many, as well as the feed. But, to be the different, she preferred to let the stories stay in the app for a week, instead of the usual 24 hours. The highlights they can also have free text, stickers and drawings.

In a WhatsApp type conversation you can send audio, photos and even be amazed, add-ins very similar to the iMessage apps. Oh, and Skype also adds the ?react? function with emojis, a feature present in both Apple's messenger and Facebook Messenger.

Have all the apps gone? So, I think we covered all the news. But no! In fact, there are even some updates to the videoconferencing feature, which has already been the focus of the app (yet?). Now, video callers will be able to add giant emojis, send texts, show photos, stickers and more while talking.

Part jokes, Skype is still the fifth most popular app in this category, according to data collected by Statista. It has 200 million users and 3 billion minutes of calls every day, which is far more than WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and Chinese chat apps like QQ Mobile and WeChat. Since both the app and calls between users are free, the income comes from calls made to regular phone numbers.

Since it was bought by Microsoft in 2011, Skype has undergone some changes here and there, from its operation to new solutions suitable for companies, but this is certainly the most radical change suffered during that period.

The new Skype will be available for Android users from today and will only arrive on iOS in about a month. Other platforms such as Windows, macOS, Linux, Xbox and the web will receive new features this month or next.

Skype iPhone app icon

Skype for iPad app icon

via CNET