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More rumors about the alleged iPhone with 6.1 ″ LCD screen; iPhone X successors may come with 4GB of RAM

Ming-Chi Kuo, the analyst (of KGI Securities) preferred by rumors lovers in the Apple world, is back with his more than accurate predictions. Come on, then, news is possible!

According to him, the supposed iPhone with a 6.5-inch OLED screen has an "L" shaped battery between 3,300mAh and 3,400mAh; meanwhile, a 5.8-inch OLED model would have a 2,700mAh to 2,800mmAh battery all provided by Unimicron. Both would still come with 4GB of RAM unlike the 3GB that equip the iPhones 8 Plus and X.

Regarding the batteries, to have an idea of ??what this represents, the iPhone X (with OLED screen of 5.8 inches) has one in "L" format with 2,716mAh. That is, we will have a very promising gain in future models. The conflicting part of this news is due to information recently released by us, which covers that the batteries for these iPhones would be supplied by LG. We'll see who's right.

For the model with 6.1-inch LCD screen, the battery would be from 2,850mAh to 2,950mAh, but in the traditional (rectangular) format comparatively, this battery would be bigger than the iPhone 8 Plus.

Possible line of iPhones in 2018

Those responsible for manufacturing this model will be Pegatron, Foxconn and Wistron, with the respective division of 60%, 30% and 10% in production; Japan Display was responsible for supplying the LCD screen (around 70%).

Despite showing some apprehension regarding upgrades not so big in the specifications of the devices, Kuo said that the market will receive this 6.1 ? iPhone very well and that it should represent 50% of sales in the second half of 2018.

Speaking specifically about sales of the iPhone X today, there was a vehicle claiming that Apple cut its production by 50% due to "poor sales" Kuo said sales "below expectations" are mainly due to the high price of the device. That would be the reason why the 6.1 ? LCD model is a possible best seller, with prices around US $ 700-800 even though it does not share much of the features of its brothers with OLED screen (for example: same design iPhone X, with Face ID, but without 3D Touch and without two rear cameras).

Finally, Kuo said that all three models have everything to be presented to the world in September even though the 6.1-inch iPhone development schedule is ?a little late?.

Excited about the projections?

via 9to5Mac, MacRumors