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More about HomePod: 2 meter power cable and lower power consumption than an LED lamp

Gradually, more and more information about the HomePod which is already on sale in the USA, the UK and Australia are popping up around the world.

O 9to5Mac, for example, touched on an important point that generated doubt when the product was first presented to the public, at the Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) 2017.

When seeing the HomePod, no one was sure how the power cord connected to it. In fact, in the promotional photos, there is not even a cable, which can lead some people to the wrong idea that the product is highly portable and works powered by a battery. Well, not like that. He does have a 2 meter long power cable.

Interestingly, not even the technical product specification page mentions this in the section that addresses the items that come in the box, but the 9to5Mac confirmed the information with a company representative.

HomePod space gray and white

In addition, unlike what many may have found when seeing the few images of the HomePod with the cable showing, it is not fixed. In other words, it can be easily connected / disconnected from the speaker, which is a relief for many who thought that if the cable should be defective, the whole product would have to be replaced.

J o MacRumors highlighted a legal information that appeared in the product's environmental report (PDF). According to Apple, the HomePod consumes less energy than a domestic LED lamp certified by the ENERGY STAR this is during music playback.

See below:

HomePod power consumption chart

In addition, the HomePod automatically enters a low power mode after eight minutes of inactivity. In this mode, the speaker uses between 1.71 and 1.76 watts of power, I imagine that, thus, only the ?E a, Siri? feature is activated.

Like all recent Apple products, HomePod is free of brominated flame retardants, PVC and marbles. In addition, 100% of the fibers in its packaging come from responsibly managed forests or recycled paper.