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Logitech's new mechanical keyboards come to Brazil with new switches

For some years now Logitech had only been offering RomerG switches on their keyboards, the same ones that suffered from great criticism coming from all sides. The keycaps' inserts were not in the cross pattern, so you couldn't exchange them for other models that you would prefer, apart from the lack of availability to buy them directly from Logitech Brasil, and this was just one of the many problems that they would offer.

Hopes went up again when the brand's new GX switches appeared on its US marketings a few months ago, including already having reviews from some North American YouTubers, such as Hardware Canucks.

Today the company officially announces the arrival of switches to Brazil, being present in two different models of keyboards: the G502 GX and the G Pro X (yes, the same name as the brand's Headset).

Logitech G Pro X one of the releasesLogitech G Pro X one of the releases

The biggest novelty of the switches is their fitting of the keycaps that are back to the cross pattern and that allows the exchange of them for models of greater durability. For now we will have access to two different variants of the new Logitech switch, the Blue version which has the famous "click" noise when pressed while the other model, Bornw, has a greater focus on silence and tactile feedback with its bump on the by pressing the key.

In addition to the two new variants of the GX switches, we will also receive two keyboards that were previously absent in Brazil, which are the ones mentioned above. The G512 GX is a clear evolution of the brand's old G413, bringing several visual elements that make it extremely close to its older cousin but with the advantage of new switches and upgrade keycaps. The suggested price of the G512 GX is R $ 699.90.

The G Pro X is inspired by a TKL version of the G801 and comes equipped with the new switches as well. It has a greater focus on more competitive FPS players because it has a slightly smaller size (TKL) which allows the mouse to be closer to the keyboard and helps a little in comfort during intense matches. The suggested price of the Logitech G Pro X is R $ 599.90.

Both keyboards come with ABNT2 Layout, so don't worry if you need to because they will attend to you in this regard. Oh, and of course we will not stop reviewing these keyboards as soon as possible!

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