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Last-minute leaks show possible iOS 11 news; Apple's online stores are already down for today's event

A few hours from the start of the keynote opening the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) 2017 our live coverage starts at 1:45 pm! , a few things leaked this morning to quench our anxiety.

As always, advance information about Apple's operating systems is rare because they are confined to her labs in Cupertino. unlike hardware, which needs to be shipped to China for testing and further mass production.

The ?news? of the day were posted on Twitter by the hacker / developer Steven Troughton-Smith and released earlier, by us, on our Instagram.

First, Troughton-Smith found a record of a possible new app Files (Files) on the App Store, which obviously went offline in a very short time. There were no screenshots or description, but by the name and the icon we can imagine that it is a kind of Finder for iOS 11.

Something like that has been awaited for years by users of Apple's mobile operating system, especially those working on iPads. A few days ago, even, a new version of the Documents app, from Readdle, practically consolidated it as this ?iOS Finder?, since we still don't have a native Ma solution today.

Alis, in the same launch Readdle brought an excellent novelty for its apps on iPad: drag & drop (drag & drop) content, using the split screen (Split View) with two applications. This was another thing that ?leaked? today, inside the app Feedback:

Finally, Troughton-Smith quoted on Twitter that he also found a record of the Activity app (Activity), which may indicate that it can be erased / hidden from the home screen from iOS 11 onwards.

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In the meantime, Apple has already taken its online stores down worldwide for today's event:

Apple Online Store offline

Her entire website is still accessible, but the product purchase pages are not. And they should only be back on the air at the end of the keynote, around 4 pm due to Braslia's schedule.

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For those who do not follow us on Instagram, in the last few days we have posted some nice things about WWDC'17 including the preparations of the McEnery Convention Center (in San Jose), the process of accreditation of the participants, the gifts they won (a beautiful jacket and several brooches!) and two highlights from this year's edition: an 82-year-old lady and a 10-year-old boy!

Check it all out below:

There is little left, guys! ?