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iOS 11 will feature Business Chat, allowing users to chat directly with brands

Yesterday Apple presented the world with iOS 11, full of news such as a redesigned App Store, updates on Siri, a new command center and payments through iMessage.

Anfeature not mentioned in the keynote seems to be very interesting: in iOS 11, there is a function called Business Chat, integrated directly into iMessage. With Business Chat, users can have conversations with companies directly from the Messaging app.

Business Chat on iOS 11 Messaging

a kind of SAC through instant messaging. It is an attempt to compete directly with Facebook, which through Messenger has already accounted for this type of function for a long time, often done through chatbots. Many companies also use Twitter to communicate with customers via DMs (Direct Messages).

On iOS 11, it will be possible to start conversations with companies by asking a question through Siri or searching via Spotlight, Safari and Maps. The idea is that Apple also creates integrations with Apple Pay, allowing payments directly from conversations.

This initiative is in line with Apple's strategy in recent times: investment in diversifying its product portfolio, betting this time on services. IMessage already has a gigantic user base (although limited to the West and mostly to the United States), which makes it easier for brands and users to join, as it is something native to the operating system.

via The Verge