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HyperX QuadCast Review – Better than the Blue Yeti?

The HyperX QuadCast, the newest peripheral of the brand, launched earlier this year, it comes to fight in the space of the desktop microphones and goes directly against the already established microphones of Blue as well as the Razer Seiren X USB.

Here in Brazil, QuadCast is for the trifle of R $ 899, a somewhat high price for a USB microphone. What remains for us to know if it is really worth this price and how it competes with other microphones from both headsets and condensers.

HyperX QuadCastHyperX QuadCast

We will not miss the chance to make a video about a HyperX release in the country, so follow it below:

External Construction and Design

The QuadCast is made of various materials, the main one being metal that appears to be aluminum. The aluminum is not limited to the microphone alone, but also its base is very rigid and provides good stability to the microphone, preventing it from being swayed by movements on the table.

QuadCast peripheral viewQuadCast peripheral view

The brand bet on red as the accent color to the microphone, the color is present in the internal LED (yes, it is illuminated), in the pop filter and in the ShockMount nylon. I have to say that I really liked the color combination and it was very elegant, except for those who have setups that the color does not match with the microphone.

Red details are very clearRed details are very clear

Its upper part is made of rubber, as well as its lower part. I believe that these materials were used to decrease the amount of internal reverberation in the microphone and not as an article of appearance, after all rubber is a great material for muffling noise.

Microphone topMicrophone top

The HyperX logo can be found only on the front of the microphone and it is painted on the housing, much better than an adhesive. Under the support is the only other place where there is some branding on the microphone, there are the certifications and energy usage data as well as the S / N. There are also huge rubber feet that ensure an optimal grip on the table, keeping it in place.

Bottom bracketBottom bracket

You can also remove the ShockMount microphone or remove the ShockMount from the stand alone, just remove the rear height adjustment (just rotate it out). Be careful when removing ShockMount from the holder Since there are 2 sealing rubbers as well as the hitch nuts, if you lose these parts there are great chances of making the support unusable.

  s unscrew the spider disengages unscrew this pin that the spider disengages

It is interesting to know that HyperX included a Shockmount next to the microphone, if you already have an arm it helps a lot since only a metal Shockmount costs close to 100 reais even when buying over the internet.



The main differential of QuadCast in relation to the other microphones are its four modes of operation: Narrow, Omnidirectional, Cardiide and Bidirectional. This allows for a large number of scenarios where the microphone would be useful, basically making it multi-use. You can use it as a Stream tool in Cardiide or Strait mode if you want to track your friends on Discord.

To switch between modes, just turn the "Scroll" on its back, from left to right: Narrow, Omnidirectional, Cardiide and Bidirectional.

4 Options are at the rear4 Options are at the rear

But how exactly does this affect the sound coming from the microphone? The audio I left in the Sound section here in the review shows both the quality of the microphone and the 4 recording modes it features. If you want to see the difference, watch the video review.

Now that you can hear the 4 modes of the microphone it is easier to understand how they work and what different uses it provides. really interesting what HyperX did here and shows how the technology can work a lot in our favor with great functioning and flexibility.

Of course, there is not only the capture mode on the microphone, it also has manual dB gain. To increase or decrease the microphone gain, just slide the slider on its bottom, it has a mark to show if you are decreasing or increasing the gain.

Gain ScrollGain "Scroll"

There is also a mute "button" at the top of the microphone, just touch the top and it will automatically mute, to rehabilitate, just touch again. Remembering that there is no button, and only touch to activate or deactivate the microphone.

Bute muteBute mute


How does QuadCast sound? QuadCast has good sound and detail, the voice is deep and well represented. The internal Popfilter that HyperX included does its job very well and ensured that there were no bursts during my speech in front of the microphone.

I brought a Samson CO1 which is also a condenser but uses Phantom Power through an audio interface. Samson is a well-known brand in the professional audio business and I was very curious to see how the QuadCast would perform face to face with a renowned brand microphone.

What can I say that the brand is to be congratulated because the detail and quality of the addition are basically identical, and having this level of quality in the first condenser microphone of the brand is difficult to see today. They did a great job on the microphone and its functions.

Of course, I wouldn?t stop putting an audio track here in the review for you to listen to and draw your own conclusions.

Ease of Use

How to use the microphone? Need to configure a lot to make it work?

The simple answer: It is very easy to use, you do not need to configure anything.

It has no software and there is no driver installation required, just plug the microphone in USB the computer and start using it, without mystery.

HyperX QuadCastHyperX QuadCast


To begin the verdict, I want to remind you of something beforehand:

QuadCast basically 4 microphones in 1 sIt is usually necessary to buy different types of microphones to be able to do everything the QuadCast does, apart from the spiders and the audio interface that 97% of professional condenser microphones use.

With that in mind, I begin to give my final verdict to the microphone.

HyperX QuadCastHyperX QuadCast

Yes, I know that this microphone costs R $ 899 and yes, I know that this price is high since our wages are extremely low. BUT, if you work with any type of audiovisual production or even on narrated videos, QuadCast is one of the best options within the price on the current market, find a microphone that has stereo, omnidirectional and bidirectional audio in 1 package if still with a spider and work via USB cable? This is too good to disregard.

The grade he receives from 8.5 It is deserved for everything it offers, should the price fall – which is very likely – the score will only be higher and shows that HyperX came up with the right idea to compete within the USB Desktop Microphones market.

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