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HomePod's first commercials focus, of course, on its sound quality

The day after your sales start, the HomePod has just won its first series of four commercials.

As expected, Apple's focus with them entirely on sound quality. At most, what we see from Siri is its graphic that appears on the top surface of the product.

HomePod. A revolutionary speaker. The ultimate authority on music. A smart personal assistant.

Watch the four, each only 15 seconds long:

Just yesterday, Apple also released commercials for Grammys featuring Animojis in karaok mode.

HomePod launch coverage

Thanks Go Imports, O MacMagazine will provide complete coverage of the launch of HomePod, putting their hands on the product on February 9th and bringing, in first hand, videos and articles about everything that permeates the first generation of this new product from Ma.

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Stay tuned that good stuff is coming! ?