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HomePod is now available for purchase in the USA, the UK and Australia

As promised even though the company had not specified the start of sales exactly, the HomePod is now available for purchase in three countries: U.S, UK and Australia.

At least for those who are in Brazil buying through one of the stores in the countries above, as we explained in this article, sales started first through the Apple Store app and then were released through the website, as it usually happens.

Buying HomePod through the Apple website

Apparently, Apple's smart speaker has a reasonable stock for both white and space gray, as deliveries so far are still scheduled for the first day of availability, that is, February 9.

Anyone who wants can choose to withdraw the product in one of the company's stores. In this case, unlike the last releases, it is not necessary to choose a specific time for the withdrawal. Most likely, Apple does not expect such large sales figures as soon as they justify implementing this measure, which aims to prevent a large number of people from going to pick up the product in the future. same time.

HomePod launch coverage

Thanks Go Imports, O MacMagazine will provide complete coverage of the launch of HomePod, putting their hands on the product on February 9th and bringing, in first hand, videos and articles about everything that permeates the first generation of this new product from Ma.

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Stay tuned that good stuff is coming! ?