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Having trouble with the third generation iPad Air? Apple is repairing it for free

Apple discovered that there were problems with its third generation iPad Air and opened a free worldwide repair program for affected users. According to the brand of apple, in certain circumstances, the screen, of a limited number of tablets, can be permanently white, after a small flicker or flash of light.

The manufacturer explains that this problem affected the equipment that was manufactured between March 2019 and October 2019. Users who check this problem on their tablet can seek Apple services or authorized repairers to carry out the intervention free of charge. The program is valid for up to two years after retail purchase and does not extend the respective warranty.

Only third generation iPad Air are covered in this free repair program. Apple advises users to back up, if possible, a backup of the information contained in the equipment to the computer or iCloud. The brand also warns that if the tablet has physical damage, such as a cracked screen, it will be necessary to make the respective intervention first, in which case it may have associated costs.

To find out how to proceed, visit the official Apple support page.

It should be recalled that Apple could have plans to release an updated version of the iPad Pro during the first half of the year, but this could be postponed due to the outbreak of coronavirus, namely its dependence on Chinese factories in the production line of the equipment.