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Gene Munster continues to bet high on an iTV, while Apple is negotiating content partnerships

Analyst Gene Munster has always been one of those who hit the key over a possible Apple HDTV, and it seems that soon his dreams may even come true. Very excited about the prospects, he participated in the program today Bloomberg Radio (MP3) and made more comments about the future iProduct.

Apple iTV - OLED TV

For the analyst at Piper Jaffray, the so rumored iTV will be ?the biggest innovation in consumer electronics since the smartphone? as well. He really believes that Apple's solution will be completely different from what we know and what is really expected, if she really believes that she can do well in such an old and saturated segment.

Visually, Munster predicts a very different product, basically a sheet of glass, without borders / frames. Inside, it would be highly focused on content consumption, integrated into the iTunes Store and iCloud, and remotely controlled via Siri.

Speaking of content, the said in a related note today that Apple is struggling to establish as many content partnerships as possible before the launch of its HDTV movement is led by Eddy Cue, the company's senior vice president of software and internet services. Much of these agreements would also benefit the set-top box Apple TV.

(via Business Insider)