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Color filters on the new iPad are also responsible for improving screen quality

In short, there are two ways to improve the colors of an LCD screen: by improving lighting or color filters. According to some tests carried out by dot color, Apple chose the second option to increase the screen of the new iPad, as we can see below:

Graph - Color comparison between iPad 2 and the new iPad

In the graph it can be seen that the maximum values ??of each color are higher in the new iPad than in the iPad 2. In addition, they are more "pure" thanks to the new filters on the pixels, which prevent leaks. However, as there are now more powerful filters, the lighting is compromised, which requires more energy so that everything is shown in the same way.

Color comparison (blue) between iPad 2 and new iPad

IPad 2 left screen; new iPad screen right.

This change alone consumes between 20% and 30% more energy than in the iPad 2. If we also take into account the new A5X chip, support for 4G networks (LTE), we see that the battery of the new iPad is doing a miracle keeping the gadget on for almost ten hours.

In a related note, tests showed that the saturation of the new iPad, when measured in CIE 1931 NTSC, was 26% higher than that of iPad 2. In CIE 1976, the saturation gain was 48% matching the numbers presented by Apple ( 44%).

(via Cult of Mac)