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Civil Police seize 51 iPhones without invoice in Birigui (SP) and arrest owner of the establishment

As reported by the Dirio da Regio, the Civil Police (more specifically, a team from the Special Operations Group) of Araatuba seized 51 iPhones, without invoice, being sold in a store Birigui (SP).

According to the police, an anonymous complaint made by the Araatuba Sectional Police reported that the merchant, which owns two stores in the city, would be selling foreign-origin devices without invoices. After the complaint, the police went to one of the establishments and found the merchant; She denied that she had products of illicit origin in the store, but during the survey, the police found devices inside a closet on the top floor of the building.

The iPhones were sealed and the merchant admitted that she sold them, claiming to have acquired them in So Paulo. Still, I didn't have the purchase invoices for the devices. Here is the list of what was seized:

  • 11 iPhones 6
  • 3 iPhones 6 Plus
  • 6 iPhones 6s
  • 1 iPhone SE
  • 15 iPhones 7
  • 2 iPhones 7 Plus
  • 6 iPhones 8
  • 6 iPhones 8 Plus
  • 1 iPhone X

Also according to the newspaper, the owner of the establishment was arrested in the act.

tip from Endy de Almeida