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Chipworks details the monstrous size of the new A5X chip; download a wallpaper of it! ;-)

We have already shown some details of the disassembly of the new iPad by Chipworks, but it has now focused exclusively on the new A5X processor that remains dual-core, like the A5, but now offers a graphics chipset quad-core.

As well as the battery of the new iPad, its processor is also much more advantageous than previously believed if you want, 310% bigger than the A4 chip used in the iPhone 4 and the first generation iPad.

A5X via Chipworks

With an area of ??165mm, the square that now combines these components does not bring any big surprises and has increased precisely to allow for so much graphic power. Apple continues to manufacture it with a 45 nanometer process, offering great performance and energy efficiency but losing somewhat in physical size.

For those who liked the image, here is a clean version of it (JPG) and already with resolution to be used as wallpaper on the Retina screen of the new iPad. Have fun!

(via TechCrunch)