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Cellular data in the Control Center, automatic configuration… check out several details that Apple did not mention in today's keynote

As always, Apple reserves for its keynotes only the biggest highlights of each ad and unravels them with some more depth, relegating some minor news to brief mention in some slides of the presentation. As today's conference was absolutely packed with things, it is natural that the amount of news that Ma executives missed almost blankly was even greater than usual.

But fear us, the scavengers of lost resources, we are here to search for everything that Apple has not said over the past few hours. Next, let's check out some of the most interesting anonymous news that are on the way to iOS, macOS, the App Store and everything.

iOS 11

What's new in iOS 11

  • WebRTC support: the open source protocol WebRTC allows the realization of videoconferences in browsers without special plugins, using only APIs in JavaScript. IOS 11 Safari supports the format, further expanding its capabilities browsers.
  • Type to Siri: if you are starting to consider using Ma's assistant, considering its considerable evolution in recent times, but do not swallow the idea of ??speaking with a piece of glass and metal, from iOS 11 it will be possible to type your questions and Siri commands. Also great for people with speech restrictions.
  • Automatic configuration: This feature was not mentioned in the keynote, but it is among the highlights on the iOS 11 presentation page. Basically, it allows you to bring your new iOS device closer to a Mac or iGadget already exists so that your preferences and settings are automatically imported into the new device in step two.
  • Print Screen: this is going to please developers a lot, podcasters, YouTubers and journalists / writers for specialized websites (hi, me!). A new icon in the revamped Control Center allows you to save your screen for the desired period, without complications or third-party apps. The device can even capture audio from the microphone while recording the screen. At the tweet below j d to see the new tool in action in the first beta of iOS 11.
  • Drag and drop on iPhone: everything led to believe that the drag and drop feature of iOS 11 would be restricted to iPads, but as you can see above, thanks to tweet by @ Nandor690, the action also works on iPhones although it is restricted to the environment of an app, that is, it is not possible to hold one element, change applications and release it on another. Still, good news.

New Control Center in iOS 11

  • Cellular data in Control Center: they can celebrate, certainly the most requested button by users for the iOS quick settings screen is finally coming! As you can see in the keynote screenshots, it will be possible to turn on or off the mobile data directly from the Control Center from iOS 11 onwards.
  • One-handed typing: also highlighted on the iOS 11 page, the tool borrows almost identically the Android solution that makes the keyboard smaller and touches it on one side of the screen; The idea is that this makes it easier to type with your thumb when only one of your hands is free and had already been discovered in iOS codes some time ago, even though the final version is somewhat different.
  • Storage optimization: Apple gave some examples of elements that will take up less space on its next systems, such as messages from Mail and photos and videos in new formats of the app Camera. We don't know if this novelty refers to these things, but elements that take up less disk space are always a reason to celebrate, especially if you still suffer from a 16GB iPhone / iPad.
  • NFC reader mode: no one still knows exactly what this means, but we certainly can't go out yet to celebrate the full opening of the iPhone's NFC by Apple. According to this paragraph in the list of changes for iOS 11 found by the user @iosaaron, it will be possible to read NFC tags and other data using the technology. But it is quite possible that this will be limited to some specific uses and not represent a total opening of the system. Let us wait.
  • Autofill passwords in apps: this basically self-explanatory. The same feature that already exists in Safari can now also work within third-party applications, automatically filling in password fields with codes saved in iCloud Keys.
  • Live Photos during a FaceTime call: don't ask me what scenario Apple had in mind when creating this feature, but from iOS 11 it will be possible to create Live Photos from a FaceTime call. Both users will be notified of the image creation, for reasons.
  • Portuguese-English bilingual dictionary: in the lower right corner of the first image of this article, we have something that directly interests us, Portuguese. We do not yet know exactly what the feature represents in practice, after all, currently the iOS keyboard already detects the language in which it is writing to adjust the automatic correction. Maybe something related to the Safari / iBooks dictionary? Let's wait and see.

Finally, just to give you an idea of ??how flexible / powerful the drag and drop feature of iOS 11 on the iPad is, flight two tweets Steven Troughton-Smith:

Dragging and dropping on the extremely complex SpringBoard. Dragging icons does not block anything you can interact with the interface, scroll through pages and drag applications to the split screen.

You can select multiple icons at the same time and browse the home screen while holding them.

App Store

News from the App Store on iOS 11

  • Reset rating: we still don't know how this feature works, but Apple is more likely to allow a developer to "zero" the rating counter that assigns the average star to a particular application, which is very useful for when there is a drastic update or a bug corrected critical.
  • Schedule a call: most likely to allow developers to schedule a phone call with Apple, to answer questions or anything.
  • Automatic renewal with Apple Pay: with the App Store focusing on more and more subscriptions instead of single app purchases, nothing is more predictable for Apple than reinforcing its own payment system in its app store.
  • Record located: certainly work together with the phased launch feature (which was mentioned in the keynote and allows developers to release a launch ?slowly?) and probably allow users in a certain region to obtain prior access to an application or update.
  • More testers in TestFlight: good news for developers who want to offer beta access to some new application or update to a larger number of users.
  • Transferring subscriptions between apps: we don't know exactly what that means, but everything leads us to believe that Apple will allow the user to transfer their subscription from one app to another for example, if the ?Flamingo Rosa? application is discontinued and the developer launches the ?Flamingo Rosa 2 ?To replace it, the user can move his subscription from the first to the second without much difficulty.

macOS High Sierra

What's new in macOS High Sierra

  • Configuration by site in Safari: certainly allow the user to have specific adjustments by site, which should work together, for example, to the new feature of blocking the automatic reproduction of videos.
  • Flight status in Spotlight: for flight tracking natively on the Mac search engine. I hope you get to Brazil soon!
  • Pinned notes: it should allow notes to be fixed on top of the homonymous application, as Google Keep has always allowed.
  • Personal DJ at Siri: as the assistant gained new musical capabilities demonstrated in the presentation of HomePod, these features must also translate into macOS and iOS.
  • More news in the Photos app: in addition to some features mentioned in the keynote, such as the possibility to export a photo for editing in a third-party program and return immediately afterwards, Fotos will also receive a persistent sidebar, new color selection tool, curve adjustment and import history , in addition to the Live Photos.

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As usual, considering how recent the ads are, these are just the initial findings of each of these systems and the App Store. Naturally, over time, more "smaller" news will be found and we will, of course, be covering everything with our traditional posts filled with screenshots of the new betas.

Stay tuned! ?