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CarPlay: is it worth it or not?

When Apple announced the CarPlay, in March 2014, many users were excited. I was thinking about the possibility of having everything I used most on my phone integrated into my car, as I spent hours ?driving? in the well-known and famous traffic of So Paulo even though I know that Apple tends to gradually release updates for application compatibility. from third parties. Based on what she showed at the time, receiving calls, SMS and using Apple maps to listen to music would be fine for the first year.

Another problem of the time: how long it would take CarPlay to arrive in Brazil. Because of this, I held my excitement knowing that international expansion is not Ma's strength, in fact, it took almost two years to start appearing the first cars with the CarPlay system here in Brazil.

In the United States, I had the opportunity to use CarPlay in some cars I drove (rented). I confess that it took me a while to reach a verdict (whether it was a good or bad product); if we consider that it is aimed at getting the least out of your attention, then we have a positive point. It helps a lot and is so simple, so simple, that you don't feel like looking at native apps as we usually do on the iPhone or iPad.

I can consider myself an advanced user and, for working with application development, I have hundreds of them installed on my cell phone even to analyze what the market is offering. My expectation, in 2016 (when I used CarPlay in the USA the most), was that, by plugging the iPhone into the car cable to sync with CarPlay, many of the apps I had installed on the phone would appear as ?magic? on the car console . Well, let's do a minute's silence now in respect of the disappointment I had at the time. The only apps that appeared on the screen were: Phone, Messages, Maps, Contacts and Spotify. Yes, just outside of Apple to save!

Still, I kept insisting and had good and bad experiences again. Come on, first, good.

Taking into account that a good part of my closest friends use iMessage instead of the Brazilian fever called WhatsApp, I had the opportunity to test the exchange of text messages written with the aid of the voice. I exchanged several messages with Breno Masi, for about 30 minutes, while traveling from one city to another. I practically did not have to take my hands off the wheel to reply to messages or to read them, which I consider very positive! It was just to give the command ?Hey, Siri?, say that I wanted to send a message to Breno and dictate the text. She understood very well and read his answers reasonably well for me to save laughs and abbreviations that she still doesn't understand, such as "kkkkk", "vc", etc.

Now, one thing that disappointed me a lot that even in the USA, at least in Massachusetts and Florida, the Maps app (from Apple) is still far inferior to competitors. Point-to-point navigation works in a way that we can call at most "okay". that: if you don't have another app installed on your phone, it solves your problem; but the resource gives commands at the last minute and the details of the map are not as detailed as that, if you know what I mean.

The problem: in CarPlay, only Apple maps are allowed. Not having, even in the USA, the option of using another map in CarPlay makes the experience very frustrating. Still, if we weigh the pros and cons, at the price that some multimedia systems cost out there, it is even worth having the CarPlay in the car for around US $ 300, you can find pretty cool options.

With the release of framework SiriKit, a list of APIs has increased the possibilities of integrations with CarPlay. In this list I highlight some that still need to be explored by apps, such as:

  • Get all the audio settings of the car directly through the CarPlay software;
  • Change the temperature settings;
  • Change the air conditioning settings;
  • Change the settings related to the seat;
  • Manipulate and restore the vehicle's environment settings to a profile specified by the user;
  • Change the radio station;
  • Indicators on the screen of the circulation mode and air conditioning;
  • Audio and radio source indicators;
  • Seat position indicators.

That is, using Siri through CarPlay it would be possible to control various configurations of your vehicle (as long as it is compatible) all with the same interface, without having to configure the direct seat in the seat, the air conditioning through its panel and the go. Do you know that Tesla control panel? like that! ?

Tesla Model XInterior view of Tesla Model X

Remember that I said that, after a while, some cars with CarPlay started arriving in Brazil? Because . Arrive until they arrived, but did you see any manufacturer or Apple itself making noise on top of that? Me neither. Here, CarPlay manages to be even more limited. Not through CarPlay itself, but because Maps does not have point-to-point navigation in our country, the native app is not available in Ma's automotive system in Brazil. So, the experience of using CarPlay here is often more disturbing than helping (since we have to use our phones if we want to use Waze, Google Maps or some similar application). The word is frustrated.

Our employees are tired of writing articles about the slow dare to call Apple's neglect of their maps. Unless the company's plans involve something from another world that we are not aware of, there is no other word to describe this delay other than this: neglect.

So, the Brazilian scenario is this: if you use WhatsApp a lot to send messages, if you really need to locate yourself on a map while driving well, CarPlay is not a good option for you, at least not yet. Now, if your goal is just to listen to some music, the integrations that exist today with Apple Music and Spotify are good without mentioning, of course, that in CarPlay you can easily answer the calls you receive.

Do you have a car with CarPlay or have you already experienced Ma's automotive use in Brazil? Do you disagree with my criticisms? Leave your comment about what you expected (or still expect) from the product.