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Apple releases two new commercials with Animojis, created for the Grammys [atualizado: mais um]

The day after tomorrow, also known as Sunday (28/1), will take place at Madison Square Garden (in New York) on the 60th edition of Grammy Awards this time, presented by James Corden.

For the occasion, Apple prepared two one-minute commercials that once again explore the IPhone X Animojis in karaok format. But in this case, Apple did a great job of editing.

iPhone X Animoji: Alien

The music Redbone, by Childish Gambino.

iPhone X Animoji: Friends

The music Stir Fry, by Migos.

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According to Adweek, the first will be aired shortly after Gambino's presentation at the Grammys, and the second after the presentation of the category "Best Rap Album" (Migos is one of the nominees).

What about?

Update 02/21/2018 s 19:20

Haven't you tired of the Animojis and Apple's insistence on using them as the main element of the promotion of the iPhone X? So you can celebrate, because Ma launched today another commercial with animated stickers making the performance of some pipe in the charts.

Entitled ?IPhone X Animoji: Panda?, the video obviously brings a panda and other pets and other non-human anthropomorphic figures performing the song "Lights Out", by the band Royal Blood.

The commercial was first released at a commercial break at the BRIT Music Awards, the main British music award ie Apple really wants to hit two birds with one stone, advertising the iPhone X and, at the same time, the Apple Music. What did you think?