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Apple receives occupancy permit for 5 of the 12 sections of Apple Park, accelerating transition to its new headquarters

This is the type of news that proves that when it comes to Apple Park, our level of knowledge about the progress of the occupation of the new Apple headquarters is almost zero. I don?t know about you, but I had the impression that much of the Infinite Loop workforce had already moved into the glorious ?spaceship?, but this report published today by VentureBeat it proves the opposite: it was only recently that Ma received an occupancy permit for 5 of the 12 sections of its new campus.

According to a spreadsheet made by Cupertino construction officer Albert Salvador, on December 30, Apple was given permission to occupy five sections of the building; previously, the company had received in July the occupancy permit of only one that contains the restaurant and the trio of the large construction. Now, Apple is expected to receive permissions for the remaining areas of Apple Park until next March.

With the news, now, yes, a greater number of Apple employees can move to the new space. Due to the relative silence on social networks, it is not difficult to imagine that Ma asked its employees to remain discreet about the change; still, we have exceptions like this, from an employee of the company's image and camera software area identified only as Brian:

last day on the Loop. I have always had a surreal feeling of being in these buildings where so much has happened. Next week we started working on the new campus, Apple Park, where a new story will be built.

It is good to note that works are still taking place in areas of Apple Park which explains the fact that occupancy permits are, for the time being, only temporary. According to Salvador, the final permit can only happen after the completion of the works in the whole place, for obvious reasons: the experts need to evaluate the safety of the place, the temporary passages built for the employees to use during the works and everything.

Apple, for its part, is very excited about its new campus so much that it has already tried to schedule its next annual shareholders' meeting, to be held on February 13, even at the Steve Jobs Theater.

via 9to5Mac