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Apple presents its first store in South Korea [atualizado: inaugurada!]

Awaited just over a year, the first Apple store in South Korea will be inaugurated this saturday (27/1), at 10am in the morning by the local schedule. This, most likely, the 500 Apple Store in the world.

We had already posted on our Instagram a photo with illustrated siding on the store's facade, but now Ma has released official images and details of the call Apple Garosugil.

Apple Garosugil in South Korea

Located in the Gangnam region of the capital Seoul, the store has a traditional glass facade almost 8m high and the standard look of all the last ones opened by Apple, with a wooden roof.

"We are delighted to open a new home for our consumers in the vibrant city of Seoul, and we can't wait to continue to grow in Korea," said Angela Ahrendts, senior vice president of retail at Apple. "Our stores are meeting spaces for the community where everyone is welcome to connect, learn and create."

Apple Garosugil in South Korea

Obviously, Apple Garosugil also has spaces Avenues, Forum and Boardroom, trees inside, a beautiful 6K screen and the entire program Today at Apple.

Common staff of 140 people, speakers of 15 different languages ??in all, Apple Garosugil is open daily from 10am to 10pm.

Update Jan 27, 2018 at 11:35

The store opened today and Angela Ahrendts was there:

Apple also released some official photos:

According to the company, of the store's 140 employees, 18 are Koreans who have worked in other Apple Stores around the world.