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Apple launches special editions of BeatsX and Beats Pill + in partnership with the UNDEFEATED brand

Did you think HomePod was the only audio related news coming out of Cupertino these days? Because you thought it wrong, that is, if you consider that a layer of paint on top of existing products constitutes a novelty.

THE Beats, a subsidiary of Ma, today announced special editions of two of its best-selling products, the wireless headset BeatsX and the Bluetooth speaker Beats Pill + in partnership with the tennis brand UNDEFEATED. The accessories bring a dark look with camouflage-style details that will surely come in handy when you're listening to that timeless hit in the middle of a safri, or brown bear hunting, or war.


Read the press release released by the companies and try to contain the urge to go out by jumping in waterfalls and riding mountain lions:

Move the zebra away. Overcome borders. Take a stand. This is what Beats and UNDEFEATED believe, which is why we have joined forces a third time with this collection that you need to have. Designed for those who want to be a step ahead, this latest collaboration inspired by UNDEFEATED's unmistakable tiger camouflage and fearless attitude.

The special editions of BeatsX and Beats Pill + cost, respectively, $ 180 and $ 200, which represents US $ 20 more than the urban and sadly sedentary versions of the same products. Both come with special cases (Beats Pill + doesn?t even have one in its civilian edition) to protect products when you?re, I don?t know, hanging outside a moving plane.

The products are already on sale at the super-inspired and challenging Apple stores in the US; the American Apple Online Store is also already selling special editions (BeatsX, Beats Pill +), in case you are saving energy for your next big adventure. Must-see!

via MacRumors