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YouTuber is working on a VR project for Apple's autonomous car system

After a few complicated months, Apple's endeavor in the increasingly competitive (even before debut, good to remember) segment of autonomous cars it seems to have found the tracks again. After co-opting one of Waymo's most important engineers to their land, does it appear that Apple is now working on the project with a well-known YouTube name?

Well, what informed the Variety: according to the magazine, YouTuber and engineer Mark Rober he has been working for some time at Apple, as part of the group of ?special projects?, dedicating himself to virtual reality (VR) solutions with an important focus on the company's autonomous car system.

Rober, who owns a YouTube channel with over 3 million subscribers where he usually does extravagant scientific experiments in his productions, changed jobs in mid-2015, according to his LinkedIn profile he currently classifies himself as a ?product design engineer ?, But his new unspecified employer is worth noting that he once worked as a mechanical engineer at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory.

In an AMA session ("Ask me anything", or ?Ask Me Anything?) in which he participated on Reddit, he claimed to be working for a ?big company? in Bay Area (region of the bay that encompasses some cities in the Silicon Valley), again without specifying it.

VR design patent for Apple carsVR design patent for Apple cars

Now, we already know that his work is really in Cupertino. For that reason, Rober has been working on projects specially linked to the entertainment system linked to the company's autonomous cars, as shown by two patents registered by Apple that are linked to the engineer. Both detail virtual reality technologies in the context of the car, allowing the insertion of elements in the environment after all, if there is no driver, all occupants of the vehicle could (theoretically) be distracted at will. Imagine a Carpool Karaoke Where are the stars?

Of course, all this work may or may not translate into reality, we will have to wait for the next few years to find out. But what an interesting prospectus,.

via 9to5Mac