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YouTube app sucks battery and overheats iPhones of some users

For some days now my iPhone SE has been heating up a lot and I, even though the behavior was strange, did not try to find out what the source of the problem was.

Behold, the MacRumors published several reports of users experiencing the same problem on their forum, on Reddit and Twitter. From what the PiunikaWeb, the main responsible for the overheating of the devices is YouTube app, more specifically when run on the latest available version of iOS, 11.1.1.

In addition to overheating the device, the app is also draining the battery in an incredible way. As soon as I found out that the problem was on YouTube, I did the tests leaving the device turned on in the app and, in less than 2 hours, it went from 90% to 20% in the battery data available in Battery Settings, the information was that the app used 59% of it in the past 24 hours.

Battery-intensive YouTube app

Then, with it open in the background for almost 1 hour, consumption continued, going from 59% to 65% as we can see in the image above.

Some said that they are being affected either by one problem (overheating) or by another (rapid loss of battery), but in all cases, the company has already confirmed that there are failures and said that it is working to fix them.

BodyShotKing: @YouTube Can you fix your app on iPhone X? It drains 20% in 30 minutes.

Team YouTube: Hi! Thanks for the warning, this is something we're working hard on. Thank you for your patience.

Even though they have stated that they are working to solve the problem, there is still no repair forecast. Until this is done, users who have been affected are advised to access YouTube through the browser.

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