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You can now view your purchase history from the App / iTunes Stores on your iPhone or iPad

A good surprise appeared on an Apple support page yesterday (8/11): now, you can access all your shopping history both from the App Store and the iTunes Store directly from the iPhone or iPad.

To get there, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Settings;
  2. Touch your name at the top of the screen and go to iTunes and App Store;
  3. Touch Apple ID View Apple ID Purchase History.

It is also possible to do the same way through the App Store, by tapping your avatar on the top of any of the tabs and then in your name. And for those using Family Sharing, I need to sign in with the Apple ID of the member I want to access.

At the top of the screen, there is a standard filter to view purchases for the last 90 days, but it is possible to see all previous years, month by month or all year.

By touching the total of an order that may have one or more items, you have access to more detailed information, such as date, amount and even the order number. By tapping the value of an item again, you can also see which device that purchase was completed on and can report a problem with it.

Purchases that have not yet been processed by the bank will appear as "pending". In addition, if the order total is greater than zero, you can tap "resend" to receive details in your email.

Previously, it was only possible to access this complete history in iTunes on a Mac or PC, but it still contained no further details. Fortunately, now all the details can be accessed directly from our iGadgets.

via 9to5Mac