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WhatsApp finally starts releasing feature that lets you delete messages for everyone

The feature has been in testing since at least the end of last year (!), But now it is finally being released gradually to users.

Soon, sending messages to the wrong group, forwarding something you shouldn't have, or regretting something you wrote is no longer a problem: deleting a message on Whatsapp, it will ask you if you only want to delete it locally (how it works forever) or for everyone. Among the team MacMagazine, people are already seeing the feature working.

Choosing the option "Erase for Everyone", whether in an individual conversation or in a group, the message (can be text, image, video, etc.) disappears and, in its place, WhatsApp informs that the original message was deleted by the sender. That is, you can still know that the person sent something and regretted it; in the competitor Telegram (which has had the resource for some time), for example, the message simply disappears entirely.

Another important thing to note is that it will only be possible to delete messages remotely within a at seven minutes of your shipment. Still, the novelty will certainly be very welcome by. Now, WhatsApp just needs to implement something else that Telegram also has: message editing. As the structure of the resource in theory is very similar to that of erasing, it should not take too long to paint on it as well. So we hope.

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via Tecnoblog