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Video compares “dummy” units of likely 2018 iPhones

We have already covered numerous rumors about the iPhones of 2018 here on the website, and everything indicates that we will have three models this year: a direct successor to the iPhone X, with a 5.8 inch screen; an ?iPhone X Plus?, 6.4-6.5 inches; and an iPhone more accessible with more or less the same design and a screen with something around 6.1 inches.

Today, the Japanese website Macotakara published the video above, comparing three units "Dummy" (basically, physical models printed in 3D, used by case makers) of the supposed three iPhones that will be launched in September.

They show at the outset that the dimensions of "Dummies" they are very accurate, comparing the middle one with a real iPhone X (including a case for it). Da, we can have a good idea of ??what the other two will be like.

In the most accessible model, two notable differences are the positioning of the chip tray (SIM), which should be slightly lower, and the presence of only a single rear camera (slightly larger than the iPhone 7, as they show on the video).

The ?iPhone X Plus? should, as expected, have dimensions almost identical to those of the current iPhone 8 Plus, but with the screen occupying its entire front part (with the famous notch at the top, of course).

And what did you think? ?

via AppleInsider