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Today's App Store Deals: Vikings: an Archer’s Journey, Cisdem Video Converter, Neon Chrome, Faviconer and more!

On scary numbers days dias, check out some offers in the App Stores!

Follow the journey of an archer on Vikings: an Archer?s Journey, created by the Pinpin Team and our highlight of the day.

Vikings: an Archer's Journey app icon

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Nott, a valkyrie with a very inflexible character, unleashed the cold of the Vikings gods who, to punish her, sent their faithful wolf, Oder, to the realm of the dead. cold and foggy where the dead live: the Helheim.

Fortunately, Nott is a fearful archer and will be able to collect special arrows along her route that will help her to cross the evil monsters taken from the Nordic legends.

On her way, Nott will also have to gather Vikings heroes in combat that will help her on her Odyssey with the promise that, when together, Nott and Oder will get them out of this hell.

Advance and shoot arrows at the same time, in a mix of challenge of precise reflex. According to your experience in the game, find even more complicated challenges. Collect special items and feel in-game thanks to effects and an exclusive soundtrack.

Did you like it? Download now!

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Check out today's two offers on Two Dollar Tuesday ($ 46 off):

Cisdem Video Converter app icon

Video converter.

Cargo VPN app icon: Unlimited VPN Proxy

VPN solution.

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Below more apps / games that together add up $ 9 off:

IOS Apps

Neon Chrome app icon

Action game.

IGoalCard app icon: Daily Life Planner & Goals Tracker

Planning for life.

ABC Star - Letter Tracing app icon

Educational application.

MacOS app

Faviconer: The Favicon Maker app icon

Utility for developers.

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Take advantage of the offers and see you tomorrow! Remembering that they are always for a limited time, so it is good to run. ?