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To win legal battle, Apple wants to invalidate 4 Qualcomm patents

Remember the fight Apple vs. Qualcomm? Yeah, she came back with everything. Ma has filed an application with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (U.S. Patent and Trademark Office) in order to cancel four patents of your rival in the courts.

The patents in question cover automatic digital camera focus, a device that functions as a telephone and a personal digital assistant, touch screens and circuit memory.

Apple's strategy is not new on the contrary. As reported by Bloomberg, the company is one of the most aggressive when the matter tries to invalidate patents of rivals that are being used in legal disputes. To give you an idea, the US Patent and Trademark Office has already received 398 (!) Petitions from the company for this purpose.

What happens now is the following: three judges from the review board will consider Apple's request and possible responses that Qualcomm gives. Then, I will make a preliminary decision on the case (whether Apple has or no chance of winning with the arguments presented). If this happens, the judges will release a formal review of the patents and will likely issue a final decision within one year.

The battle between Apple and Qualcomm started in 2017 and basically serves to discuss how much Ma should pay from royalties for the chip maker. Apple claims that Qualcomm is charging unfair values ??for technologies that it has nothing to do with; Qualcomm says its technologies ?are at the heart of every iPhone (as we know, they are present in the chips that allow the phone to connect to operator networks).

Both filed several lawsuits against each other, Qualcomm, good to note, wants to ban the import / export of some iPhones in the USA and China.

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On a related note, Apple suffered a severe blow last week. This is because the United States International Trade Commission (U.S. International Trade Commission) began investigating whether Ma actually infringed Qualcomm's three patents related to power management, radio voltage and graphics processing.

A pretrial report by ITC lawyers suggested that Apple infringed the energy management patent, but not the others; The decision on this case, however, that could be catastrophic for Apple, to the point of banning the import of iPhones in the USA, should come out only in September.

via MacRumors