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Tim Cook travels to Ireland to inaugurate Hollyhill campus expansion

Apple has its foot in Cork, in Ireland, for over 35 years, employing over 6,000 people. Although one of its plans went down the drain (the company canceled the construction of a data center in the country), others are taking shape.

A few days ago, Tim Cook traveled to Amsterdam (Netherlands) to meet with historian Koen Kleijn and photographer Annet de Graaf in addition to visiting Lucky Kat Studios and Apple Den Haag.

How wonderful to meet our customers and staff at the beautiful Apple Den Haag. Thank you, Holland!

After the brief visit, the executive went to Ireland to open an expansion on the company's campus in Hollyhill, as reported by Evening Echo. Expansion of physical space is necessary as Apple has practically doubled in size in the country in the past five years, with employees from more than 80 different nationalities.

Since 2012, Apple has invested nearly 220 million to develop and improve the Hollyhill campus; the expansion now added a new building that offers space for about 1,400 employees. To get an idea of ??Apple's importance there, it is Cork's largest private employer. On the other hand, the city is also very important for Ma since it is the company's only factory, which provides personalized iMacs to customers from all over Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

Good meeting with @tim_cook, @Apple, tonight on @merrionstreet. He will proceed to Cork to expand the wool facility.

Before going to Cork, however, the Apple CEO met with Leo Varadkar, head of government in Ireland, to discuss the company's relationship with the country.

The meeting was described as ?formal? by a government spokesman who knows that it also served to align the parties in relation to the imbroglio involving a fine of 13 billion that Ma is supposed to pay related to retroactive taxes. Both Apple and the Irish government are appealing against the European Commission's decision, so who knows the issue has also been discussed among the leaders.

via Cult of Mac