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Tim Cook condemns “inhumane” separation of parents and children on the US-Mexico border [atualizado: Trump assina novo decreto]

In recent days, the world has been dismayed by the strong images and recordings of Mexican illegal immigrants being separated from their children in detention centers in the United States, near the border with Mexico.

The ?zero tolerance? policy implemented by the president Donald Trump it causes families who are caught illegally entering the United States to be subjected to criminal prosecution (and no longer administrative, as before), which requires parents to be separated from their children pending trial. The scenes of the children crying, asking for their parents and sleeping on the floor, in large sheds surrounded by iron bars, troubled even First Lady Melania Trump and also, of course, Tim Cook.

The Apple CEO, who is in Ireland to open the expansion of the Apple campus in Hollyhill, shared a few words about the controversy during an interview with Irish Timesin Dublin:

breaking your heart to see the images and hear the sounds of the children. They are the most vulnerable people in any society. I believe that what is happening is inhuman and needs to end. We always believe that all people should be treated with dignity and respect; in this case, this is not happening.

The CEO added that he would do everything in his power to contribute to a possible reversal of the problem. Cook said he believed that "to be a good citizen, you need to participate, fight for your point of view, and not just sit on the fence and complain."

Shelter for minors separated from parents near the border with MexicoShelter for minors separated from their parents near the border with Mexico.

It is good to note that he is not alone in the expression of disgust at the situation. Important companies in the Silcio Valley, such as Facebook, a Microsoft, O Google, O Twitter, a Tesla and the HP also condemned, either by their CEOs or through press releases, the separation of children from their parents and Trump's policy. BuzzFeed gathered all the manifestations of technological companies here.

Now, the hope remains for the American president to reverse the situation as soon as possible. Trump says that the root of the problem lies in the inefficiency of the Democratic side in the American Congress, which prevents him from passing new legislation to Mexican immigrants and obliges the application of these hardline rules; even so, it is believed that, following the worldwide uproar, Trump signs a decree that allows children to stay with their parents while their situations are not resolved.

We hope so.

via The Verge

Update 06/20/2018 s 17:30

And so it was: President Trump signed an executive order this afternoon suspending the separation of detained parents and children trying to cross the US-Mexico border illegally.

The decree continues to blame Congress (or, more precisely, Democrats) for the uncomfortable situation, but states that families must remain together in the temporary detention process that precedes the trial for illegal entry into the country.

Now, the United States awaits a new immigration law that, hopefully, will end the problem once and for all or at least what is expected.

via TechCrunch