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Surveys reveal high interest of Americans and Britons for the iPhone 5

The long awaited iPhone 5 has arrived. In the news that millions of people want it and that the queues in front of Apple Retail Stores will be crowded. But, to translate this into numbers, two surveys already show the high interest of consumers in the product.

White iPhone 5 front and side, front and back

The first, conducted in the United States by Toluna QuickSurveys, with 2,000 people, showed that 76% of current iPhone owners want to upgrade to the new generation. Among users of other platforms the interest is less, but it is still great. 32% of Androids owners and more than half of BlackBerries users want to exchange their cell phones for an iPhone 5.

The novelty that users liked most in the land of Uncle Sam was the longer battery life, followed by the new look and greater processing power. What users disliked most was the lack of wireless charging and Micro-USB interface support ?problem? that can be solved by a simple adapter sold by Apple in Europe.

Another survey of 1,000 British adults, this one by Usurv, revealed: 44% of iPhone owners want an iPhone 5. But while 20% of smartphone owners want it, only 5% of those who own a Samsung Galaxy have shown interest in the new phone from Apple.

In contrast, in the UK the most popular new feature of the iPhone 5 was its 4-inch screen, and the second was support for 4G LTE technology. There, 39% of respondents said that none of the news caught their attention, and 27% did not see anything exciting or innovative about the new iPhone.

(via TNW, MacNews)