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South Korean operator restarts sales of iPhone 3GS (you didn't read it wrong)

Whether a collector or not, it is almost impossible to deny that the first models of iPhones bring an enormous nostalgia followed by a desire to have one of these devices just for the pleasure of the eye. the case of iPhone 3GS, launched in 2009 and considered "the fastest and smartest phone" by Apple at that time.

Sales of iPhone 3GS officially ended in September 2012, but the South Korean operator SK Telink, from the SK conglomerate, revived the device and decided to restart sales of the device, as announced by the news site (Google Translate) ETNews.

According to information on the website, the resumption of sales of the iPhone 3GS will begin at the end of this month, in celebration of the opening of the SK Seven online store, another SK Group company, which grows in the smartphone resale business in the country. Normally, SK Seven is known for selling second-hand devices, but in the case of the iPhone 3GS, the news site claims that they are really new devices.

3GS iPhones will be sold by SK Seven for 44,000 wons South Koreans (somewhere around R $ 150) in its original packaging and with all (also original) Apple accessories. As iPhones were stored for about nine years, they were all tested before being passed on to consumers. The operator did not inform, however, how many units it still has.

Although the iPhone 3GS does support many features currently offered (the latest update for the device was iOS 6.1.6 and it still has a 30-pin connector), it is still capable of making calls, sending messages and playing music. Many collectors will be interested in the opportunity to buy the device, which also represents a part of Apple's recent history.

via Cult of Mac