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Site brings more technical information on the iPhone 5; supposed “benchmark” shows the power of the device

Interior of iPhone 5Last week we talked a little about the A6, a new processor that equips the iPhone 5. As Apple does not usually talk or release technical information about its products that will tell the parts that make it up, everything here, for now, is still guessing. But the staff AnandTech deserves credit for history and, contrary to what they said last week, the A6 * would not * be an ARM Cortex-A15, but the first CPU (Central Processing Unit, or Central Processing Unit) designed by Apple!

The A6 the first SoC (system on a chip) based on its own ARMv7 processor design. The CPU cores are not based on an A9 intellectual property project from ARM, but are Apple's own creation.

In other words, the processor still based on the ARM architecture, but totally customized by Apple that one of the few that works with this type of license, leaving it exactly the way that best suits you, prioritizing energy and performance.

The site also obtained some technical information about the device's memory. According to them, Apple has seen the part number K3PE7E700F-XGC2 and, through Samsung's product navigation guide the A6 manufactured by it, the conclusions are as follows: K3P says it is a package dual-channel LPDDR2 with 32 channel bits; E7E7 shows the density of each of the two DRAMs (512MB each, 1GB); and the last two numbers of the piece are related to the speed, of 1,066MHz. For the GPU, they say that Apple opted for the PowerVR SGX 543MP3, from Imagination Technologies.

a benchmark iPhone 5 j painted on Geekbench, showing an interesting result:

Benchmark of iPhone5,2 (iPhone 5)

First of all, we have to take into account one thing: such a result can be easily manipulated or false. But, taking into account that it is true, it matches the performance said by Apple in presenting the product. The iPhone5,2 model, running iOS 6, with a 1.02GHz ARMv7 processor and 1GB of RAM, registered 1,601 points, a brand much, but much superior to the old ones iGadgets that never exceeded 800 points. Comparing also with Android devices, the iPhone 5 stood right in front of them.

Some examples (tablets and smartphones) below:

Android device benchmark

Many love to take Apple's foot, saying that the technical specifications of the iPhone are never the best on the market. Well, I think it's more than explained, isn't it? That is exactly why we do not see an iPhone with a ?I don't know how many GHz? processor, ?clogged with RAM?, among other features. This is one of the great strengths of Apple in the face of competition mainly against Samsung, which loves to boast about a technical specification. Designing the whole set, Ma manages to optimize in all fields. Not surprisingly, even with ?only? 1GB of RAM, I put my hand on the fire and I bet the iPhone 5 is the most fluid device with the best response time on the market, compared to some ?cannons? we have, with chips quad-core and 2GB of RAM! So the graph above does not let me lie.

That's why the number / spec war matters little to Apple, and it shouldn't matter much to you, the consumer. Want to see if that device really suits you? Don't look for numbers, look for experience. Try using the devices in a store, and do these tests yourself. Without a doubt this is the best way to choose a product.

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