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S iSuppli estimates manufacturing cost of the 16GB iPhone 5 at $ 199

Cost of manufacturing the iPhone 5, according to iSuppli

This virtual disassembly is based on an analysis of the specifications announced by Apple, combined with known information about components and suppliers. The information presented is preliminary and subject to change until we perform our physical disassembly of the device.

The manufacturing cost of the 16GB iPhone 5, according to iSuppli, of US $ 199 not counting the US $ 8 referring to the assembly of the device, which would total US $ 207. The 16GB iPhone 4S had a cost of $ 188, and the increase explained by the new screen and the device's new wireless system. Another company, UBM TechInsights, estimated costs at $ 167.50. It is worth noting that the accounts do not include research and development, marketing, packaging, transportation, etc. In addition, Apple can negotiate better prices with its suppliers.