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PUBG Mobile 'Project Ban Pan' brings new anti-fraud measures

PUBG Mobile 'Project Ban Pan' brings new anti-fraud measures

This whole anti-fraud initiative is being called "Project Ban Pan". An initiative that aims to make the game a fairer place for everyone who chooses PUBG Mobile as their favorite game to be able to have fun without going through frustrating situations during gambling.

And cheaters disrespect not only the hard work that the developers did to create a great game, but also the nature of that game and those who are playing fairly. PUBG Mobile's latest anti-fraud feature should go a long way towards eliminating and banning more cheaters than before.

This is something that Call of Duty Mobile has been implementing since the launch of the game. And frankly, something that many shooting games have had for more than a decade.

The PUBG Mobile finally following these steps and adding the "Death Replay" functionality. This will allow players to see how they were killed, as if they were looking through the opponent's eyes.

one more step to identify cheaters and ban their accounts. Because it will be much easier for developers to identify those who use tricks and hacks with videos of deaths during matches.

That said, not all trick deaths will be captured by the developers' eyes. So the resource Death Replay allow players to help developers by uploading videos that prove in the act of their deaths the use of tricks or hacks.

However, the Death Replay feature is not yet available in the game. But it will soon arrive for everyone. Tencent and PUBG Corp. will launch an update for PUBG Mobile next Tuesday, March 3, which will include this functionality.

Then, after the players install, they can have access tothe Death Replay feature. Remembering that this feature even took time to reach the game in its mobile version, since it has been around for a long time in the PC game.

The simple but definitely necessary feature is likely to be enjoyed by all players, except those cheaters who love to see through walls and hit headshots without even aiming.

These players hinder the development of the game and discourage the arrival of new players, so it is good to see what steps are being taken to help restrict their activities.

Players should also not expect this to be the last feature added as part of the Ban Pan Project. No doubt, more measures will arrive and will be implemented later, so that we can play fairly. Let everyone say Amm!

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