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Organization promises to turn the iPhone into a digital vehicle key

O Car Connectivity Consortium (CCC) it is an organization among executives from various companies that aims to create products and services that enable connectivity between mobile devices and vehicles. Among member companies are Apple, Samsung, Audi, BMW and many others.

The CCC today published the project specifications "Digital Key", a standard that will allow drivers to download a digital key on their smartphones to unlock and even start their vehicles as long as they are from any of the organization's member brands.

According to the published specifications, the standard is a solution for the connectivity between car and personal device that aims to further unify the user's experience.

THE Digital Key a new and revolutionary solution for the automotive sector. Various automakers and suppliers of handsets already developed similar technologies Digital Key, but without the union between these companies the market is fragmented and whoever loses the user with it. The Car Connectivity Consortium plays an important role by bringing together smartphone makers and manufacturers to develop an important service, such as Digital Key, for the automotive industry.

Even though it is in the first version, the standard will provide an implantation method that makes it possible for vehicle owners to securely transfer a digital key to their mobile device, using NFC technology. As the performance of this technology is limited by the proximity of the device to the authentication sensor, the CCC ensures that the service will follow high security standards.

According to the organization, the service will be ideal for several audiences, from the simplest user to vehicle rental companies.

  • Vehicle owners: more safety and ease when using the vehicle;
  • Rental companies: expand privacy and flexibility, efficiently manage leases, create new business models;
  • Vehicle sharing: transfer keys securely, streamline vehicle management and drive new opportunities;
  • Fleet management: optimize fleet management using digital keys via mobile devices.

Given the great interest of car and smartphone manufacturers, as well as other companies participating in the production chain, the CCC has already started working on the second specification for the standard. It is counting on the collaboration of even more companies, including Apple, Audi, BMW, Hyundai, LG, Panasonic, Samsung and Volkswagen, among other central members.

In the near future, will we no longer use keys and will we only need the cell phone to ride a vehicle? We'll see.

via MacRumors