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Nubank Rewards: is it worth it? Find out how the points program works | Productivity

Nubank Rewards the Nubank card points program. The proposal converts each R $ 1 spent in one point, with infinite validity since the score achieved never expires, according to the startup Brazilian financial services industry. The system "erases" debts from the bill for frequent services such as Netflix monthly fees, Uber rides and Amazon articles, for example, in addition to traditional use with air tickets and hotel daily rates. The feature is available in the app for Android and iPhone (iOS) phones.

To help those interested in being part of the Nubank reward scheme, the TechTudo prepared a list of the most common questions. It is possible to find out about all the benefits, transfer of points, canceling the subscription and the points obtained for each level of consumption on the card. See below the main topics of the service and find out if it is worth joining.

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Nubank Rewards program converts each R $ 1 in purchases into one point Photo: Barbara Mannara / TechTudoNubank Rewards program converts each R $ 1 in purchases into one point Photo: Barbara Mannara / TechTudo

Nubank Rewards program converts each R $ 1 in purchases into one point Photo: Barbara Mannara / TechTudo

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1. What and what are the benefits?

Nubank Rewards is the financial services company's points program in which each R $ 1 in purchases is converted into a point. The cumulative score can be used to "delete" purchases of hotel or airline tickets daily from any company, as well as accounts of some partner digital services, such as delivery apps, Netflix and Uber.

Deleting a purchase means using the accumulated score to deduct a certain amount from the total of the card account. The points never expire and are used within the app itself.

2. Do I need to pay to join the program?

Yes, as Nubank does not charge an annual fee from its users, whoever wishes to join the program must pay for the subscription. It is possible to choose the monthly plan for R $ 19 per month, or the annual plan, which costs R $ 190 per year.

3. Can any purchase be "deleted"?

No. Currently, it is only possible to delete the following transactions: Netflix, Uber, purchases on Amazon, iFood, Evino, MaxMilhas, music streaming services and any purchase from hotels and airlines. To carry out the action it is necessary to have enough accumulated points to erase the entire amount, as it is not possible to slaughter only a portion.

4. Is it worth it for me to sign up for Nubank Rewards?

In theory, anyone can join. "However, for the program to start paying off, you need to have a minimum amount of spending on your card that justifies the subscription," explains the company. This amount would be, at least, R $ 1,584 per month for subscribers of the annual modality, and R $ 1,900 per month for fans of the monthly version.

5. Is it possible to transfer points to other programs and vice versa?

According to Nubank, because it is difficult to compare your points program with traditional ones, it is not possible to transfer Nubank Rewards points to another program or vice versa.

6. allowed to transfer points to a friend?

No, but that may change. The company explains that "for the time being, the points are linked to your account" and thus leaves open the possibility of changing this option in the future.

7. Is it possible to cancel the subscription at any time?

Yes. The company reimburses the proportional amount of the subscription and charges only the time the program was active. However, from the moment the membership is canceled, all points accumulated so far are permanently lost.

8. How many points do I need to pay for a plane ride or an Uber ride?

In the table below are some products and services that can be deleted with points accumulated in the Nubank Rewards program. The third column indicates how much the user must consume per month on the card during the period of one year to obtain the necessary score, indicated in the second column.

Nubank Rewards Score

Item to deletePoints neededApproximate monthly spend
Netflix Fee2600R $ 217.00
Monthly music streaming apps2 thousandsR $ 167.00
Purchase on Amazon (R $ 30.00)3 thousandR $ 250.00
Uber ride (R $ 25,00)10 thousandR $ 866.00
I would say in Rio de Janeiro for 2 people20 thousandR $ 1,731.00
Round-trip flight from So Paulo to Belo Horizonte22,800R $ 1,923.00
2 days in Ilha Grande for 2 people30 thousandR $ 2,523.00
3 days in Jericoacoara for 2 people36kR $ 3,027.00
Round-trip flight between Rio de Janeiro and Salvador60 thousandR $ 5,141.00
3 daily in Buenos Aires for 2 people84 thousandR $ 7,015.00

In other partner services, 130 points are required to delete each R $ 1 in accounts or purchase.

Via Nubank Rewards and Nubank

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