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Now it is possible to make live streams with another friend on Instagram [atualizado: mais novidades]

Polls on Stories, facial filters in live streams and sharing stories via direct messages are just some of the latest news presented by Instagram, that simply does not stop.

The novelty of the day that, from the 20 of the app for iOS and Android (which has just been released), users can invite a friend to join a live stream.

In practice, as if you were in a video conference with the other person, only with the screen split in half and with your followers (and theirs) being able to follow everything in real time, interacting in the same way as in individual broadcasts.

Using the novelty is very simple: just start a live broadcast and then touch the icon with two faces on the bottom action bar. A, choose the desired friend and wait for him to enter. Just as you invited, you can also remove the person from the broadcast at any time.

The feature has been in beta since August.

Instagram app icon

Update by Bruno Santana 10/26/2017 s 17:50

And Instagram has already tried to announce some more news, focused on filters and effects that you can apply to your Stories.

The first of them is a particularly funny effect called Superzoom; with it, the application will quickly zoom in on your face, accompanied by suspense music, for maximum dramatic effect. Fits selfies, portraits or any other element to which you want to add a layer of drama.

New Instagram effects and filters: Superzoom and Halloween

The second novelty of the day, of course, is a series of thematic filters and adhesives for the Halloween:

New Instagram effects and filters: Superzoom and Halloween

If you want to transform yourself into a scary (pseudo-) vampire, a half-light ghost or a zombie (I heard that these are in fashion), you can run to the app until November 1st, the date when the special content I'll disappear into the air.

via 9to5Mac