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New highlight area of ​​the App Store increases downloads up to 2,172%

We all know that the design choices for Apple products and software are not accidental. Whenever there is a change, it happens deliberately, methodically and for a certain purpose.

Whether you liked it or not, the new organization of App Store that came with iOS 11, the dudes they knew well what they were doing.

This is what the firm found Apptopia, which analyzed the impact that the highlighted area ?App of the Day? surfaced for 30 days in a row and published incredible results:

Apptopia AppStore

According to the survey, some applications that are highlighted during the week in the ?Today? tab reached an increase of 2,172% downloads. Incredibly, games are usually the most downloaded from the App Store, but when compared to the moment when apps and games are in the spotlight, the increase in games is smaller but still large, growing by 963% in the number of downloads ( considering the free options).

However, this data may have been compromised by the number of paid apps: during the 30 days in which the highlights were analyzed, 5 of the 40 apps were paid for, while 11 of the 30 games were paid for. And, as we can already predict, free apps have obtained far more downloads than paid ones. A peculiar fact that the numbers increase much more during the week than at the weekend.

It is also interesting to note that lesser-known apps have been downloaded more than those already established on the market, probably because many people already had well-known apps installed on their devices.

Applications that were already on Top 20 of their respective category before appearing as a highlight only received an average increase in downloads of 44%. For games ranking within the top 20 in the ?Games? category, the increase was 37%.

iOS 11 - Control Center and App Store

Due to the prominence given by the store, several applications that did not even reach any ranking managed, in some cases, to skip 1,000 positions and appear in general rankings.

Considering all aspects, the average that the games achieve an increase of 792%, while the applications reach 1,747%.

This new prominent feature of the App Store seems to be really helping even lesser-known apps, which is great for new developers (and, of course, for Apple itself too).

via TechCrunch