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MM Answers: How to use the iOS integrated dictionary?

Another tip day from our column MM Answers!

Today's question: how to use the iOS integrated dictionary?

You have certainly noticed the incredible variety of dictionaries available for purchase on the App Store. What you may not have noticed is the existence of a dictionary integrated with iOS, very complete and with support for multiple languages!

Similar in some respects to the version for macOS, the main difference from this for Apple mobile devices is the absence of a feature-specific application. It works integrated into the system, whether choosing a word or searching for iOS.

Definition of words

To find the definition of a word, follow these steps:

  1. Touch and hold the word you want to know the definition;

    iOS - Search

  2. Touch ?Search?;

    Search - Dictionary

  3. Touch ?Definition? to view the complete definition of the word.

    Dictionary - Full definition

Adding dictionaries

Your iGadget it usually comes with the standard Apple dictionary and some relevant dictionary based on your region, but you can add other languages ??in the Settings of the device.

See how:

  1. Open the Settings app;
  2. Touch ?General?;
  3. Select "Dictionary";

    Settings - Dictionary

  4. Touch the language (s) you want to add.

That simple. How about the tip?

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