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Maps: Apple vehicles start mapping and collecting street data in Japan

The vans Apple run from June to October this year, some of the main streets and avenues of Tokyo and China, in the Japan as disclosed the site Mac Otakara. With the mapping, Apple seeks to improve the quality of its services in the country and provide new features for Japanese users.

On a local Apple page, the company said it is committed to protecting privacy during data collection. Among the actions taken by Ma to ensure the safety of users' sensitive data, the company blurs faces and plates of the images captured before they are published.

In addition to Japan, another ten countries have already received vehicles from Ma for data collection. They are: Croatia, Slovenia, Spain, France, Ireland, Italy, Portugal, United Kingdom and Sweden in addition to the United States, of course. On another official page (this is in English), the company informed which regions will be mapped in the coming days and months.

Whether using drones to improve the quality of your service or expanding internal airport maps and shopping malls, the fact that Apple is investing heavily in the Maps app. In Brazil, the best we have achieved so far is the opportunity to use third-party maps in CarPlay since, so far, there is no point-to-point navigation here.

Traffic information

On a related note, Apple has expanded the traffic information feature of the Maps app to the city of Buffalo, in New York. Now, iOS and macOS users in this region will be able to access information (timetable, route, etc.) from trains, buses and other forms of transport. However, the city is not yet on the list of locations that have the resource.

Apple launched support for traffic information in 2014, starting with some regions in the US, Europe and China. Since then, it has been gradually adding the feature to other cities around the world.

via MacRumors, 9to5Mac