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Major update to the Clips app brings iCloud support, Selfie Scenes to iPhone X users and more

In March of this year, Apple decided to exercise the logic of ?if you can't beat them, join them? and entered the surprisingly competitive segment of fun camera applications. How Clips, Ma brought her own vision for effects, editing tricks and silly extras like emojis and stickers, already enshrined in Snapchat, Instagram and other similar copied apps.

Now, with the launch of iPhone X and its super-powerful front camera, Apple is launching the first major update to the app which, in addition to including a very cool exclusive feature for the owners of its newest smartphone, also brings other interesting extras for users as a whole. This the 2.0 Clips:

Clips app icon


in Apple

Compatible with iPadsCompatible with iPhones

Version 2.1 (180.2 MB) Requires iOS 13.0 or superior

The biggest novelty of the update is a feature called ?Selfie Scenes?, which takes advantage of the front camera's TrueDepth technology on the iPhone X to separate the object in the case, you from the scene and insert it in the most varied 360 environments. For example, moving to a catholic urban setting, a beach paradise or an abstract painting. D at to become a hologram on board the Millenium Falcon ship, from Star Wars.

At Selfie ScenesAs expected, they are exclusive to iPhone X owners, but the Clips 2.0 also brings some really cool general news: in addition to a slightly revamped interface, new special effects use machine learning technology to turn the photo or video into a painting in oil, watercolor or pencil sketch, all in real time. New stickers bring content from the Mickey Mouse gang and Star Wars, and the soundtracks also have news, with more than 16 tracks by independent artists.

Finally, a good addition to the update is support for iCloud in editions. In other words, just like in the iWork apps or Photos, Clips automatically saves your edits so you can start working on one device and finish on another without problems. The best thing is that, as the media are only referenced, and not copied between devices, the app does not abuse its storage in the cloud.

The Clips update is now available for free on the App Store.