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MacBooks Pro with Retina display are still experiencing problems with their displays

In June, we talked about an issue that affected some MacBook Pro users with Retina display. Known as "Burn-in", the effect appears when an image is displayed for a long time on a screen. Static interface elements, such as the Dock and the menu bar, end up leaving marks on the display, which can get worse over time and annoy users.

Burn-in on MacBook Pro with Retina display

It is made burn-in (note the markings on the screen) image credit: One More Thing.

But it seems that the problem has not yet been solved and that users continue to receive defective machines. According to a post on the MacRumors, several people continue to suffer from burn-in on MacBook Pro Retina screens. In response to the problem, Apple published a support article, teaching how to prevent images from persisting on monitors.

Despite happening both on screens manufactured by LG and Samsung (both Apple suppliers), the problem seems to be more recurrent in the first ones. If you are a happy owner of a machine equipped with this incredible screen, be sure to take the test published in the forum MacRumors. If your screen is having problems, immediately contact Apple at 0800-761-0880.

(via MacRumors)