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Lightning connector supports more types of accessories than the old 30-pin

The iPhone 5 arrived with a new Lightning connector, replacing the old standard with 30 pins. Many people complained, as some of their devices would not be compatible with the new standard, even using adapters.

New iPhone 5 connector

In fact, although the new adapters do not support the video output or the ?iPod Out? function used in some cars, Apple has already announced that it will be launching Lightning adapters for HDMI and VGA soon. The problem is that even the old video output adapters, compatible with the 30-pin connector, will not work with the iPhone 5.

However, according to an article on the Japanese website Macotakara, the connector present in the new iPhones and iPods allows USB hosting, a feature that makes it possible for accessories like the Camera Connection Kit available only for iPads. In this way, MIDI controllers, external microphones, cameras, wired keyboards and many other accessories can be connected to iGadgets new ones through Lightning.

Will Apple make official support for these types of accessories for the owners of the new devices introduced last Wednesday? I believe so, or rather, I want to believe so.

(via Cult of Mac)